It's more than just a massage: It's joint mobilisation

Physiotherapy Sydney CBD

At Barangaroo Physio & Pilates we use this when a joint is stiff and can't move through its full range of movement. Did you know that each of the 24 vertebrae in your back and neck have a joint each side that controls your movement?

Each of these joints can be mobilised or 'massaged'. Joint mobilisation or massage is graded from 1-5.

  • 1 is light and a small amplitude

  • 5 is a heavy fast force creating a manipulation at the end of range

Your Physio will determine which grade is appropriate for you. Joint mobilisations can help people with stiffness, arthritis, back pain , stiff necks or shoulders.

  • If you have trouble with twisting or pain with breathing then a joint mobolisation is often used to improve your breathing or movement.

  • If you can't turn your neck because you have a wry neck then joint mobolisation will be used.

  • If your ankle remain stiff after twisting in a accident then joint mobolisation will be used to improve your range.

If however there is a mechanical block to a joint the joint mobolisation will not help an example of this could be a anterior ankle impingement where a small bit of cartilage is blocking the joint space and preventing movement a joint mobolisation will not work here in this case.

I recently treated a patient with severe back pain in his lumbar, he was unable to stand up straight and had a hip shift. We used joint mobilisations to loosen his lumbar spine joints or facet joints and this enabled him to stand up straight. We also prescribed him a clinical pilates program that targets his weakness and tightness. This will prevent recurrence of the back pain and allow him to play sport with his kids into the future.

If you have a old or new pain, you don't need to live with it. Make an appointment to see us today. We will diagnose the cause, find a solution, and make a plan to get you in the best shape of your life.

With over 10 years experience, 3 Sydney CBD locations, we are Sydney's leading Physiotherapy and Pilates providers.

Call our friendly staff today to make Your life pain free.

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